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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Having money, saves money

My husband broke is phone and given he was out of his contract was trying to decide about buying a used one or getting a new one with a contract.  But, I had heard of a great new company that uses sprint's network called ting and asked him to check it out.  If you use a referral code, like we did you can get $25 off your first bill.  Our referral code is https://z46jot2sip7.ting.com/.  My husband used a flip phone for two weeks before deciding he hated the flip phone but liked ting.  He ought a cheap, used smart phone and has been happy for the last 2 weeks and our bill was $14 plus taxes.  However, the phone cost $140.  Right now, I am still on verizon so our bill went from $50 to $44 but it will drop even more when I join ting in January.  By October of the next year we will have save the whole cost of the phones by joining ting.  But, what about those who can't afford the upfront cost of $140?  They end up paying more in the long run.  Over two years we will save $290 over a family plan on verizon.  So, those who have money save while those you don't get poorer.   Seems familiar somehow.

Money Saving Mom had a blog post about paying $30/week on food http://moneysavingmom.com/2012/04/is-it-possible-to-survive-on-a-30-per-week-grocery-budget.html but the only way it work was if she only spent $25 and saving $5 for stockpiling.  My husband and I have a goal of $66/week, but we do the same, stockpile when the price is lowest.  But when you are in a hole, you may not have the extra $5.  So what can you do?  Well, when we started out and did not have any extra, I made extra.  We used mypoints and swagbucks to stretch our spending which then gave us a dollar or two to save.  And really, those dollars add up.

Another spend to save is something I have always done, yet found out recently that many of my friends never do is to pay my car insurance every six months.  It costs my friends an extra dollar a month to pay monthly which adds up to $12/year, which I don't spend.  But my friends sat there saying, I don't have $200 to spare this month so I can't.  And thinking back, the only reason I do, is that my mom paid my first six months and therefore I had the six months to save for it.  And on that line, my insurance is cheaper than my friends because I have higher deductibles.  But I can only have that because I have the money to pay them.  If my friends can't pay a $200 car insurance bill, how can they pay a $1000 deductible?  And how did I get that amount?  Because my mom certain did not hand me $1000 before I moved out.

But she did teach me about calling around every six month to a year and seeing if one could find a better deal.  At 19 I paid $700 every six month for the lowest legally required coverage for one car.  Now I pay $435 for much higher coverage, plus comprehensive and collision, and each time I cut my bill, the difference went into the car fund.  Now I have money set aside for my deductible and save even more money.  But, until I saved up that money, it would have been a risk to have a high deductible.

So, I do think there is truth to the saying, "the rich get richer and the poorer get poorer", but over time, you can set aside money so you can be rich.  Never stop trying.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Updating our millionaire goal!

My husband started a new job since he graduated from graduate school on Aug 29th.  One of the best ideas I have for students is find a job before you graduate.  My current employer (my husband's old employer) delayed paychecks for new employees by over a month and for many students that meant borrowing from parents or using credit cards.  Thankfully, this employer does not seem to do this.  However, with the job change we have a lot of change.

First change is a pretty large raise of $15,664/year, but that raise comes with quite a bit of expenses.  We bought a second used car with a loan (with a $117 monthly payment), my husband will be commuting about an hour each way along a toll road costing us about $6,200/year.  Obviously, with the new car comes a repair fund that we need to fund and car insurance, together costing about $1000.  His new job does come with a $400 savings because we don't have to pay student fees.    However, students who work as part of their education (like work study) or graduate students don't always pay FICA.  Students at my school only paid FICA during the summer so, we need to pay extra FICA costs totally $2690.  This means our total increase is $10894.  And we have not even gotten into taxes!  But I do have a reason for that.  We have decided to put all of the raise into my husband's new pre-tax 403b but that means finding other money for our increases.  Well, we found that money in what we now save in our Roth IRAs.  But is that savings enough?  No, it is not.  We only save $750/month which is $9000/year.  Where can we find the other $1894?

Right now I am not sure, to be honest.  But, I don't want to pay the extra taxes, so I need to find the money somewhere.  For now, it is coming from our rental income which cuts into our taxable savings, but I am looking at other things to cut, which will be a later post. :)
But on to the millionaire plan:

In order for me, The Frugal Student, to become a millionaire, I (and my husband) pledge to do the following (each year):

  1. We will be contributing $1303.66/month to my husband's 403b
  2. I am also contributing 3% to my pension (the max I can).
  3. We also now have access to a daycare FSA allowing us to deposit $5000/year tax and FICA free for the little frugal baby's daycare.
  4. We will be putting all of our daycare spending on FIA VISA which will deposit $140/year in my Roth.
  5. Living frugally. 
  Using CNN-Money’s millionaire calculator with a conservative interest of 6%, I will see a cool $1 Million in approx. 25 years! That is right in line with when I want to retire!  But can I, a young person, retire on 1 Million?  That is the question, isn't it?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Grocery update: I am almost there!

My weekly goal has been $48/week average with a stretch goal of $45/week.  Over the last three weeks we averaged $52.77/week.  It is a savings of $39.69 from our normal weekly spending but not where I need to be. We are still short $291 for the year.  And, on top of that, the only reason we are so low is that ground beef prices went up to $2.99/lb and we chose not to buy them this time around.  Sadly, we will have to do our chicken and some ground beef stock up next weekend. 

So let's break it down:
I spent $57 at BJ's over the last three weeks.  This needs to be cut down dramatically.  Thankfully I only spent $80 at wegmans and $11 at tops and I kept my weekly meat market spending below $4 each week which kept the overall price down. I did not end up stopping by trader joe's for anything in the last three weeks.  So what is my plan for the next three weeks?  Well I do expect to spend higher at wegmans and lower at BJ's so maybe they will even out?  Otherwise, my goal over the next few weeks is to find recipes that stretch our meat and therefore be able to buy less. 

Thankfully, we are so close to our $48/week goal that we don't have to depress it again so our goal for the next round is still $48/week with a stretch goal of $45. 
So I am going to reach out to my readership, does anyone have simple recipes that stretch meat or are vegetarian?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Updated Millionaire Plan September 2014

We have beaten our $21,000 minigoal!  We are now sitting pretty at $22,599.  I feel like I should add a dollar to make it even, lol.  So now on to the next mini-goal!  That goal will be my annual gross income of $25,000.  It is funny, at the beginning of this year I hoped to be able to hit $25,000 by December but did not really think I could, but now, I feel it is so close, I could taste it!  So, what changed? 

Well, of course the market was nice to us but also, our FIA AMEX card rolled in some extra cash.  Then, when we changed daycares I added the savings to my retirement contributions.  Then, because I could not use my AMEX at this new daycare, I got a Visa from FIA which gave 1.5% back and we used that for daycare and tuition payments.  Between the two cards we got $300 this year in "free" retirement contributions.  That is over .5% of our entire wage income.  Given that people are suppose to save between 10-15% of their income, getting .5% for free is great!  That is a benefit of a credit card, helping you save unlike the commonly stated benefit of allowing you to pay bills over time.  That is not a benefit, you pay for that.

So, what happens after we reach $25,000?  Our next goal will be $40,000, a full year of expenses, without COBRA/health insurance.  How is everyone else doing on their goals?  Check out the others on J Money's millionaire club to get some more ideas: http://www.budgetsaresexy.com/2008/04/my-millionaire-to-do-list/

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Grocery goal still not met, but I am getting better!

I'm improving, I'm improving!

I am not hitting my grocery goals of $49/week, but I am under my normal weekly budget of $66 so at least I am not making it worse?  Over the last three weeks I averaged 53.61, this was better than the previous three weeks (those weeks averaged $55.33).  This means I have cut the $400 overage by $69.18 to $331 over the last month and half.  Still not good enough, but slowly we are getting there.  I might even have a three week period of spending less than $45/week by the end of the year. However, if I don't I need to now aim for $48/week, not $49.

We were able to cut our spending at the meat market to $4 but we were out of town for one of the weekends.  I do expect it to go back up to $6 for the next three weeks.  However we spent $23 at grocery stores while we were out of town, to avoid eating out all the time.  Given that we won't be out of town for the next three weeks, I'll count this as a win.

We did very badly at Wegmans and spent $109.81 and I had wanted to only spend $92 max.  I am not sure what I can do to cut this down farther, but I am going to try.
I did cut BJ's warehouse to $5 in this three month period, but for the next I have a couple stock ups so I expect to spend about $20.  I also doubt we will be going to the asian grocery store in the next three weeks, like we did this round ($10) because the items we bought should last more than a month and half.   We only spent $8 at trader joe's but because we will be home, I assume that will doubt for the next round.  I spent $9 at Tops and expect to spend a little more because just for this week the deals look good, so let's say $30 for the next round. 

Based on all the other spending, if I was to aim for $48 average, I'd only get $72 to spend at wegmans this weekend.  However, if I only looked the budgeted weekly amount of $66, I'd get $132.  I'll be making my list (and checking it twice) and we will see how low I can go!

Friday, August 15, 2014

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Updated Millionaire Plan August 2014

This month we increased our retirement savings from $625 per month to $722/ month by decreasing our costs.  We changed daycares on July 21st and our daughter is now a toddler, both of which saved us some money.  We also, if you remember, called and asked for a discount on our internet (saving $5).  I also reviewed the budget and noticed that I was spending less in school costs so moved that savings ($18) to our retirement savings.  We also had $67 sent from our credit card rewards into my Roth IRA.  Yet, all that only ended up raising our savings $215 because the market dropped.  We have $20971 in retirement.  So close to $21000, but not there.  I really just wanted to call up Fidelity and add in the $29.  :)
Honestly, though, a little drop in not an issue for a young investor because all that means is that you are able to buy more shares, cheaper.  Since our daughter will be in the cheaper daycare all month, our retirement savings amount is going to be higher in August ($793) so I am sure we will break the $21000 mark.  What I am not sure about, is if we will break $25,000 this year.  I am very hopeful that we will by December but I am not sure.  Hopefully the market will be nice to me in the end.